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InfoCard Postcard Marketing
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Get the InfoCard? Postcard Competitive Advantage
Before you consider any other direct mail marketing program,
discover how InfoCard postcard marketing can give you a competitive advantage.

1. You Give Information of Value Worth Keeping
InfoCard postcards provide your clients and prospects with a variety of useful information that appeals to a broad of household demographic and lifestyle interests like cultural events, household care guides, culinary charts, seasonal information, sports schedules, special events and more. It’s information worth keeping, so your contact information is worth keeping…even if they don’t require your services at that time.
2. You Stand Out From The Competition
In today’s competitive marketplace, your clients and prospects are bombarded with competitive advertising. Over time, all the advertising messages begin to look and sound all the same. InfoCard postcard marketing gets your prospect’s attention. It helps you stand apart from the crowd and break thru the competitive clutter.
3. You Stay “Top-of-Mind”
When Prospects Are Ready To Buy
Because your InfoCard postcards are kept and frequently used, you’re constantly reminding past and prospective clients about who you are, your services and how to contact you. You’re the one that immediately comes to mind when they, their family or friends, need your professional expertise and service.
4. You Build Relationships,
Repeat Transactions and Referrals
Providing a broad range of useful information worth keeping helps build and maintain strong relationships with your clients and prospects. A business’ success depends upon establishing strong relationships that help differentiate you from your competition. Strong relationships help insure your future success through referrals and repeat transactions.
5. Your Mailing List is Exclusive to You
InfoCard postcard marketing offers you another unique marketing benefit--- exclusive mailing rights to your mailing addresses. Once we have your mailing addresses, no one else can mail to them. They are held exclusively for you. So, it’s important to act fast. It’s on a first come, first served basis.
6. We Do It All For You
-So Your Work and Life Becomes Easier
InfoCard direct mail marketing is automatic and effortless. We do the complete marketing program for you from developing professionally designed graphic layout and designs, researching hard to find information, managing your mailing database, adding the postage and handling all postal paperwork.

My prospects really love the monthly InfoCard mailings. They hold onto the 'news they can use' information with my contact info. So, I gain name recognition every month. I plan to expand the use of this unique prospecting program.

- Karen Blum,
  Coldwell Banker
InfoCard Marketing has given our insurance agency a wonderful customized marketing tool that works. Our clients love the information. InfoCards give our clients a reason to maintain our contact information. That helps me stand out from the competition.

- Mike Carbon,
  John P. Carbon Ins. Agency
I am very happy with the InfoCard Marketing Program. It provides my customers with useful information across a variety of useful subjects. My customers keep the InfoCards with my contact information. And the quality of the InfoCards is outstanding.

- Will Soppe,
  JP Morgan Chase Bank NA
InfoCards are a great marketing tool. My clients and prospects keep and use InfoCardd along with my contact information. I stay “top-of mind” so people remember to call me when they need my professional services.

- Derek Swanson,
  Cygnet Controls, Inc.


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