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Your InfoCard? Postcard Program involves the following components:
  • You Can Market to Both Clients & Prospects
  • Mail to Your PERSONAL Database of Past Clients and Prospects
    Build your relationships with past clients and prospects. Send us your database, preferably in Microsoft Excel (.xls), Comma Delimited (.cvs), Plain Text (.txt), or ASCII. If you need help exporting a database from Top Producer or ACT!, please contact us for instructions.
  • Mail to a GEOGRAPHIC Database of Single Family Homes, Apartments/Condos or Businesses
    You select the targeted street locations and we can provide the addresses for the single family homes and/or apartment numbers for multi-unit dwelling units on those streets.
  • You Can Personalize Your InfoCard Postcards
    There is plenty of room to personalize your InfoCard postcards.? You can include your name, company, contact information, color photography, unique selling message or any other information you prefer on both sides. Digital photos or logos need to a minimum of 300 DPI in one of the following formats: TIFF, EPS, JPEG, or PSD. Your high-resolution photo or company logo should be at least 300kb but smaller than 3MB.
  • You Have Exclusive Rights to Your Mailing Database
    You have exclusive mailing rights to your mailing addresses. Once we have your mailing addresses, no one else can mail to them. They are held exclusively for you. So, it’s important to act fast. It’s on a first come, first served basis.
  • You Touch Your Clients and Prospects Monthly
    Your InfoCard direct mail marketing campaign is for twelve months. Market research has found that touching your prospects with frequency helps to establish and maintain your relationships, keeps you top-of-mind, and gain referrals and repeat transactions.
  • Your Minimum Mailing Quantity
    The minimum monthly mailing is 100 InfoCards. Of course, your objective is to reach as many people as you can.
  • You Can Change Your Mailing Database and Layout Information
    You can make changes to your mailing database at any time. There’s an easy and convenient method to make database changes. You can also make changes to your InfoCard layout. Just let us know as soon as possible so we can update your layout before the next mailing.?
  • We Handle the Whole Process For You: It’s Automatic and Effortless
    We handle the whole marketing program for you. We research the monthly information of value, design the graphics, manage the mailing database, print, address, sort, bundle and deliver to the post office. Your InfoCard postcards will go out in the mail on time every month. It’s a convenient time-saving program that makes your life and work easier.

My prospects really love the monthly InfoCard mailings. They hold onto the 'news they can use' information with my contact info. So, I gain name recognition every month. I plan to expand the use of this unique prospecting program.

- Karen Blum,
  Coldwell Banker
InfoCard Marketing has given our insurance agency a wonderful customized marketing tool that works. Our clients love the information. InfoCards give our clients a reason to maintain our contact information. That helps me stand out from the competition.

- Mike Carbon,
  John P. Carbon Ins. Agency
I am very happy with the InfoCard Marketing Program. It provides my customers with useful information across a variety of useful subjects. My customers keep the InfoCards with my contact information. And the quality of the InfoCards is outstanding.

- Will Soppe,
  JP Morgan Chase Bank NA
InfoCards are a great marketing tool. My clients and prospects keep and use InfoCardd along with my contact information. I stay “top-of mind” so people remember to call me when they need my professional services.

- Derek Swanson,
  Cygnet Controls, Inc.


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